Our Disc and Pad Range: Maintenance for PSVs, Buses and Coaches

Saturday 25th, Jul. 2020

Buses, coaches and other PSVs (public service vehicles), although built for longevity, undergo a lot of wear and tear in their daily usage. They cover vast distances, are constantly stopping and starting, and have varying amounts of passengers rattling around on them. Therefore, it is essential that your buses and coaches are regularly checked, and that wearing parts are promptly replaced.

If you work for a larger company, they will have regular checks in place. However, it doesn’t hurt to know what to look out for, and to conduct checks of your own…

Breaks Discs and Pads

The breaks are, as in any vehicle, essential. The brakes on buses and coaches get a lot of uses due to the stop/start of their daily use. This being the case, it is important that the breaks are up to scratch. So, be sure to check them on a regular basis, especially if you notice any sluggishness when driving.

Leaks and Tyre Damage

This should be checked on a daily basis. worn or under pressure tires can easily lead to accidents in large passenger vehicles and leaks, gone unchecked, can lead to rust, corrosion, and, when the engine is involved break downs or fire hazards.

Cooling System

Checking your cooling system is easy, and makes a huge impact when preventing engine failure. Roughly half of all engine failures are down to a faulty cooling system, so make sure you check you serpentine belt on a regular basis. It is easy to do and easy to replace!

Interior Safety

The people who ride in your bus, coach or other PSV spend their journeys leaning, pulling, hoisting or swinging on your rails, seats and windows. It is imperative for customer safety to ensure that these are all robust and in full working order. It is not difficult to do a regular sweep of these fittings, so try to do so to ensure that your vehicle is safe and strong.

The FirstLink Auto Disc and Pad Range

You may have concerns around the availability of certain parts due to the evolution of many bus and coach fleets. Many of the larger bus companies are now moving over to electric fleets, and so there are some concerns over the availability of replacement parts for older models.

Fear not, replacement pads, discs and accessories are still readily available. Whatever you need replacing, we will, or can, have it in stock.





Our Disc and Pad Range: Maintenance for PSVs, Buses and Coaches