New plasma treatment system designed to give automotive manufacturers a boost

Thursday 11th, Aug. 2016

Lichfield-based plasma treatment  specialist, Dyne Technology, has launched a new system designed to offer high performance and repeatability.

The new PlasmaTEC-X Atmospheric Plasma System is said to be ideally suited to automotive manufacturers requiring strong bond strength between traditionally ‘non-stick’ polymers, composite blends and metal parts.

This method of material preparation is often undertaken prior to bonding and coating applications on small, targeted treatment areas due to the high level of accuracy and repeatability offered.

Example components that benefit from the plasma treatment include brake pads, centre consoles, instrument panels, engine control units, EPDM profiles, lighting units and a wide range of interior and exterior trim components.

The unit is less than half the size of traditional atmospheric plasma systems, says Dyne, offering a small footprint with a high output. It also comes with a ‘boost’ function, allowing manufacturers to increase output by 50 percent.

It also continuously monitors airflow to ensure that the unit is consistently running at its optimum performance levels, ensuring high performance, reliability and repeatability.

The PlasmaTEC-X’s has plug and play technology to ensure the unit is easily installed with automation alongside new and existing production lines. It also offers a ‘timer mode’ for both simultaneous and independent nozzle operation.

Finally, Dyne says the new unit offers the latest in high power, high performance technology with a lower cost of ownership than previous models, thanks to its capabilities for self-monitoring of component wear and tear, meaning consumables are only replaced when necessary. 

For more information please visit  http://www.plasmatreating.co.uk/

New plasma treatment system designed to give automotive manufacturers a boost