Introducing an Innovative Brake Disc for Commercial Vehicles

Thursday 21st, Jul. 2016

We have been exporting to mainland Europe,
Africa and Australia since 1990.
Our products include brake discs/rotors,
brake pads, brake drums, brake shoes, brake
chambers and slack adjusters for commercial
and off-road vehicles.

Innovative Brake Disc for Commercial Vehicles

What really sets us apart is our state-of-the-art
in-house R&D facility. If you need a precision
engineered, premium quality alternative part,
then we will work closely with you to develop a
bespoke, exclusive product from idea through
specification, production and delivery.
This results in a range of high quality, lower
cost products designed and supplied exclusively
for you.
The discs, drums, pads and shoes are made to
premium brand formula and comply with the
new ECE90 regulation. Our brake chambers
are also high quality and comply with industry
standards SAEJ1469.
We have been the sub-contractor for
First Bus UK for all their bus disc requirements
since 2009. In addition we have also supplied
discs & drums to all the major commercial
vehicle brands for many years.

The Problem
Nearly 85% of road accidents are
caused by brake failures.

Brake discs work to slow or stop a vehicle by
providing a friction force against the rolling
motions of the wheels. At the same time
however, the discs are subjected to major
compressive and tangential loads along with
severe frictional heating.

85% of  Road Accidents are caused by brake failures.

As a result, most failures of brake discs happen
in the form of radial cracks or fractures.
Vehicles mostly effected by thermal cracking
are commercial vehicles including fire engines,
motorway coaches, mountain buses and
truck racing.
In commercial vehicles, the flash temperature
on the braking surface can be increased
to higher than 900°C in a few seconds by
the clamping force of the brake caliper,
consequently the repeated loads and heating
causes surface radial cracks and plastic

The Solution
In order to reduce the temperature and thermal stresses,
our approach is to introduce the advanced concept of
Racing Car Turbine Vent Design into the re-design of
commercial vehicles.

Innovative Commercial Brakes

The advantages brought about through
the new design include the following:
• Significantly increased air flow
• Lower working temperature
• Elimination of radial thermal cracks
• Reduced pad and disc wear
• Decrease in Caliper maintenance
• Disc weight reduced by up to 10%

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Introducing an Innovative Brake Disc for Commercial Vehicles