Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I have an idea for an improved or new brake part, can I ask Firstlink to help me develop it?

A: yes, that is what we do best. Please contact us or visit us with your detailed requirement.

Q. How can I find relevant parts or information from this website?

A: there are 3 ways. The quickest way is to type in a part number in the Search bar. A part number can be an OE or a supplier part number. Please note: if a part number has space or "." or "-" or "/", please ignore it.  for example 0 1.234-56/7, you need to just key in as 01234567

Or, you can type in keyword in the Search Bar: 

    * vehicle make and model, example format:"DAF FA45" or "Ford Transit Mk7" or "Mercedes E220"

    * brake chamber type, example format: "24/30 brake chamber"

Or, you can select the relevant vehicle sector: "Van, Truck and Trailer" which is the default selection or "Taxi, Bus and Coach" or "Car" (including SUVs) or "Others": which is for off road vehicles, cranes other unspecified vehicles. Select vehicle make, then model, then specification.

Certain parts due to special agreement with our customers, information will not be available in this website. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or need more information or a price, please call us on 0114 2433 8100.

Q. Where can I get price and can I order online?

A: yes, but you need to be trading or thinking of trading within the next 1 month, and need to apply direct or online to set up an account with us first. If you are an established company, and have updated your accounts with Company House, your account should be approved within 1 working day. If you are a new company, not a limited UK company or an overseas company, we or our agent will contact you to discuss. This could take up to 5 working days. If you are a non-UK company, please provide your company number and VAT (TVA) number. If your account is approved but you do not order for 6 months, your account may be cancelled.

Q. How would I pay?

A: when your account is approved, you will be notified by email and will be advised payment details.

Q. How quickly would I receive the order?

A: in the UK, if the order is received before 1.00pm, we will despatch on the same day. Delivery will be normally next working day, except London, Scotland, Highland and North Ireland, which will take 2-3 working days. For Ireland or mainland Europe, the order will be despatched the next working day. It will normally take 2-3 working days to arrive in Ireland, 5 - 7 working days for mainland Europe. Bulk shipments by container shipment, take up to 90 days from receipt of an order.

Q. If I have an urgent requirement from a customer, can you send direct to the customer address without paperwork?

A: Yes, we can dispatch without paperwork or your paperwork, however, the delivery rate may be different. For small parcels under 28kg, our carriage charge will be about £10.00/parcel for UK mainland only. You must order before 4.00pm for next day service. For a guaranteed arrival time, an additional charge will apply. Please call us for the rate first.

Q. Would I get a discount if I order more?

A: This depends on the product but Yes, if you order over certain quantity of the same part number, we may offer a discount. Please call us on 0114 243 8100 for more details.

Q. Would I have free delivery, if I order over a certain value?

A: yes, the threshold, value will depend on your location.

Q. Do you accept Euro, USD or other currencies?

A: yes, we accept GBP, EUR, USD, ZAR and RMB.

Q. Do you offer consignment or imprest stock?

A: This can be considered for new accounts and for a maximum of 12 months.

Q. Can you supply in bulk and arrange our own branding?

A: yes, we can supply and arrange shipment based on CIF, FOB and DDP terms. For CIF or FOB terms, our standard trading currency is USD. If you want to supply based on DDP in your local currency, please call us.

As for your own branding or private labelling, there are two options: option 1: plain silver box labelled with your part number and logo: this option MOQ is 1 pallet per part number, there is no extra charge, or option 2: your own brand box and own label: this option is normally for order over 18 mixed pallets, if less than 18 mixed pallets, there will be an extra charge for branded box.

Q. What are the warranty periods?

A: For discs, pads, drums and shoes, the warranty is 25,000 miles, or 2 years from invoice date (if the vehicle mileage is less). For Brake chambers, 18 months from invoice date. For Slack Adjusters: 12 months from invoice date.

Q. What is ECE R90 quality standard and regulation?

A: ECE R90 quality standard means that aftermarket alternative parts are tested and measured by independent and approved laboratories against key performance parameters of OE parts. Performance must be within set percentages of Original Parts. Parts must be properly packaged and labelled.

Q. What is a Caliper?
A: a Caliper is brake component that holds a brake disc and pads together. It compresses a pair of pads against the disc in order to create friction to reduce the disc rotational speed or to hold it stationary and hence to make a vehicle to stop. The major caliper manufacturers are: ATE/Teves, Bosch, Brembo, Bendix, Haldex, Knorr-Bremse, Lucas, Meritor, Wabco etc.

Q. What is brake disc/rotor type?
A: Most vehicles will be fitted with either a vented or a solid brake disc/rotor. These discs are significantly different in diameter and thickness. For example, 22.5" wheel would have fitted with 430mm diameter, 45mm thickness disc, whereas 17" wheel Van, would have fitted with 300mm diameter, 28mm thickness disc. Vented brake discs are like two flat discs put together, one on top of the other with gaps between to allow air flow. Solid discs are just that, a sold disc.

Q. What is wheel Base for a Van/Small truck?
A: Wheel base is the distance between the centre of the front and rear axles. It normally refers the length of a vehicle. There are 3 types of configurations: SWB (Short Wheel Base), MWB (Medium Wheel Base) and LWB (Long Wheel Base).

Q. What is a Drive-train or Drive-axle?
A: a Drivetrain (powertrain) is power delivery system that converts engine power (torque) to a road wheel which provides driving force for a vehicle. For a car or a Van, there are 3 types of configurations: FWD (Front Wheel Drive), RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) and 4x4/4WD/AWD (four wheel drive or all-wheel drive). For a large truck, there are normally 2 drive axles.

Q. What is Rear Wheel Type for a Van or Small truck?
A: Variant of the rear wheel drive (RWD) drive-train/drive-axle, either be a single rear wheel (SRW) or a twin/dual rear wheel (TRW/DRW) on one axle. TRW/DRW version tends to be for a larger variants and mini buses of the same model with higher payload capacity and long haul.